Fantasy TV – The Mandalorian S02E02

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 2: The Marshall

Fantasy TV – The Mandalorian S02E02

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, welcome to Fantasy TV!

We kick off this week’s pod by recapping last week’s predictions. Spoiler alert – one of us started off strong.

We then move on to our Episode 2 predictions. What’s going to happen with Mando and The Child? Will any previous characters show up in this episode?

So grab your notebook, write down your predictions, and play Fantasy TV with us!

Current Scores

Devo: 4
Clint: 3
Lucho: 1.5

Be sure to tweet us @welcome2show or use the hashtag #fantasytv to share your predictions with us! We’ll chat about them in the next episode.

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