Month: June 2016

In this episode, The Clintoris, Devo and Lucho sit down to discuss the most disturbing moments in film. If you enjoyed this episode, check out previous episodes of The Social Deviants. [sc name=”Welcome to Show Subscribe”]

We’re back with a new Top 5! Inspired by a recent Gamespot competition to discover the top video game hero of all time, the Deviants get together and set up their list of Top 5 Video Game Heroes. Did your heroes make the cut?

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The latest installment of the X-Men movie franchise was released, pitting our “favorite” mutants against the first-ever mutant; Apocalypse.

We start off debating the Apocalypse choking Mystique movie poster, and its effect on the movie and the public.

When then dig into the movie to highlight its pros and cons, despite Devo not yet seeing the movie.

DC Comics invades our X-Men talk, as the Deviants discuss the Batman VS Superman Directors Cut, what to expect and use other big-time Director Cuts for comparison.

We wrap up the episode discussing the Doctor Strange trailer, and how fucking stoked we are for the film to come out!

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Minus Lucho, Devo and Clint discuss their own retrospective on the Ghostbusters move, Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters: The Videogame!

Next week, we go over the doomed Ghostbusters III, Ghostbusters Inc. and how excited Devo is for the Ghostbusters reboot!

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