Month: April 2016

We complete our celebration of Alien Day!

Xenomorph, King of the Galaxy?

The show kicks off with the Deviants taking a look at how the Xenomorph stacks up to other aliens/monsters. The Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, goes under the knife as possible story lines get discussed.

Is the Space Jockey an Engineer?

We return to the bad ass film Aliens, as we ponder the question whether or not the Space Jockey is an Engineer. Alien 5 was recently announced, then quickly put on hold.

Xenobiology 101

Clint schools us on some Xenobiology 101, educating us on the different ways you can get impregnated by a xenomorph. We also head back to Prometheus and take a look at how the Black Goo eventually evolves into a Queen Xenomorph.

Is Sigourney Weaver Hot?

Finally, we ask the age old question: is Sigourney Weaver hot?

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We celebrate Alien Day with a special 2 part podcast covering all things in the Alien universe.

This week, we kick things of with a retrospective of the movie Alien. Our first experiences, the things we remember, and the beginnings of the Xenomorph.

It’s no doubt that the Alien franchise sits nicely at the top of the mountain of sci-fi franchises. How does Alien compare to other sci-fi franchises?

With so much going on with the Xenomorphs, we start discussing what universes we would like to see the Alien Universe crossover with.

We wrap things up with a chat about the ability of the Xenomorphs to take on the characteristics of its “host” victim. What creature/being would be the most powerful iteration of a Xenomorph?

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Devo and Lucho hopped into the Doom beta and share their thoughts on their experience thus far, and their hopes and dreams for the upcoming re-boot of DOOM.